Walking After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The secret to any successful weight-loss procedure actually happens in the weeks and months after surgery. It’s a three-part process that starts with surgery and ends with a lifetime of healthy eating and physical activity. Being able to stick to a healthier lifestyle is the only way to lose unwanted weight and keep it off. Unfortunately, many...

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From 320 to 180 in 14months

https://imgur.com/gallery/k159VZs https://www.instagram.com/p/CEuBsA3h8i4/?igshid=19sgla29iklsi 14 months ago I decided to change my lifestyle after a lot of heath issues that hit me all at once. I’ve changed my relationship with food completely, I train all the time now I can’t get enough of it! It’s been a hard journey and everyday is a new challenge but I love how...

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