6 Root Vegetables You Have to Try

Root vegetables are the edible parts of plants that grow underground, but these super-nutritious, health foods are finding their way into the spotlight and onto the plates of healthy eaters. Carrots are the most familiar root vegetable—we eat the long, orange bottoms, not the leafy tops. These six other roots are, like carrots, rich in flavor and...

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Virologists: What Do They Do?

Since the advent of modern medicine, virologists have contributed to innovations in health care from developing vaccines for multiple diseases to sequencing DNA. These infectious disease specialists are highly skilled medical experts who manage the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of infectious diseases such as hepatitis C, HIV, and Ebola. They currently serve on the frontlines of the...

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How the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally may have spread coronavirus across the Upper Midwest

A lifelong motorcycle enthusiast, the 50-year-old construction worker and father of five had been determined to go to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, a holy grail for bikers. Even when his girlfriend, Angie Balcom, decided to stay back because she was worried about being around so many people during a pandemic, Cervantes was adamant about going.“I don’t think...

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