Campus Life in the COVID Era: ‘We’re Missing Out’

Jessica Martin, senior, University of Georgia. Gary Sachs, MD, psychiatrist, Harvard University. George Diebel, sophomore, Hamilton College. Charlie Hunter, sophomore, University of Kentucky. UGA.edu: “UGA reports COVID-19 cases for first full week of class.” Twitter: @universityofga, Sept. 2, 2020. LoHud.com: “Syracuse University suspends 23 students, warns of COVID shut down after large gathering.” SC.edu: “COVID-19 Dashboard.” CDC:...

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Cholesterol 101: What you need to know | Health Beat

Over time, cholesterol left unchecked can build up in arteries. (For Spectrum Health Beat)Have you been told you have high cholesterol? Wondering how to get your numbers down? Thomas Boyden, MD, a Spectrum Health preventive cardiologist, would like you to know that diet and exercise are two of the most important components of cholesterol management. They should...

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